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   Henan Haihuang Aluminium Co, Ltd is located in Haihuang aluminium profile industrial park, middle of Anlin road, Anyang city, Henan province. It is a private owned enterprises, founded in Nov.2012 and have the registered capital of 90.01 million yuan. It¡¯s in the intersection among Shanxi province, Hebei province, Shandong province and Henan province,where it is only 300 meters far from provincial road of No.301 and No.221;and 400 meters far from Nanlin Freeway Entrance, which makes the traffic very convenient.

    Haihuang Aluminium has more than 400 staff, among whom 40 people have at least Bachelor¡¯s Deqree;technican, salesmen and administrative staff is 35% of total employees.The talent structure is reasonable and scientific. Haihuang Aluminium covers 160 units of area,invested 0.65 billion to build the Industrial and Civilian aluminium profile project of annual production 100000 ton every year. This project is consistent with national policy and has been listed as a key project of Henan province to be a model unit of achieving circular economy sustainable development. It¡¯s under construction by three phases,it¡¯ll reach the annual value of production 2 billian and pay taxes 110 million,which will be another pillar industry in the west of Anyang city.

    Phase one is melting and casting: Invested 200 million, finished and went into production in March,2013.Aluminium liquid, aluminium regot, magnesium and silicon as raw material, melt in scientific ratio and recast into aluminium sticks,with the annual production of 100 thousand tons. Main products are serial 3000 and 6000 aluminium sticks. The products are short in supply since appearing on the market in march,2013 and popular in Henan,Hebei,Shandong and so on.Products of high standard and high quality meet the different needs of clients.

    Phase two is deep processing: Invested 250 million, finished and went into production in December,2013. Process aluminium sticks into all kinds of profiles through extrusion, oxidation, packing and spraying, etc, with the annual production of 25 thousand tons. Main products are all kinds of aluminium industrial and civilian profiles.

    Phase three is highly processing: Invested 200million, finished and went into production in November,2013, manufacturing all kinds of hi-tech building materials, windows, doors, wide plates of high speed train, airplane fittings, etc.

    World-class production facility is equipped. For first-stage project, 25t round heat accumulating type Aluminium melting furnaces is adopted. Unevenly temperature which commonly exists has been solved by placing materials with low melt point underside while high melt point onside with scientific feeding sequence and automatically control of gas stove. As for the environment protection, we adopt pulse jet type bag filter and water processing factory to reduce the environment load. Full-cycle of water is also impressive, which not only shows the decision of HAIHUANG to protect environment, but also a reflect of social responsibility of HAIHUANG.

    Haihuang Aluminium factory has the green area of 10000m2, with full water cycle to achieve the perfect production pattern of vertical circulation, intercirculation, self-cycling. It can obtain the employment of over 400 persons, which palys an important role in solving surplus rural labor force and pulling the region¡¯s fast economic development. Both small environmental load and the strong support of national industrial policy will lay a good foundation for its prospects development. It also plays an important role in saving resources & energy, achieving recycling economy & sustainable development strategy.

    The forging and progressive ¡° Haihuang Aluminium¡± responded to government¡¯s call, fully practice green circulation industry policy, energy saving, consumption reducing, environment improving as the highest ideal work. Be tolerant to diversity, royal style, Haihuan will create a successful win-win cooperation with you for a better future!

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